Sustainability Requirements for Altiras Recovery Capital Projects

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Altiras Recovery

A veteran business leader and beneficial reuse expert, Todd Pencarinha is president of Altiras and oversees the operations of it’s multiple subsidiary companies. Pencarinha has been a driving force in the beneficial reuse industry since 2003. In 2010, Todd Pencarinha partnered with long-time friend and serial entrepreneur Steven Marshall. Since that time, with Pencarinha’s technical and business market guidance and Marshall’s strategic leadership and financial acumen, Altiras has created five business units, all dedicated to beneficial reuse. These units include Altiras Industrial Services, Altiras Chemicals, Altiras Fuels, Altiras Recovery, and Altiras Energy. The first 3 companies were the first to be created by the Pencarinha and Marshall team and each one focuses on a different markets for “as-is” beneficial use of chemical and petroleum coproducts, byproducts, and used materials. However, in some cases, these “secondary materials” are simply not suitable for use as the currently exist. It was for this reason that Pencarinha and Marshall launched Altiras Recovery in 2014. Initially, the new company was focused on specific beneficial reuse projects that required significant capital investments. As the company achieved success in those initial projects, Pencarinha desired to push further into the realm of capital projects for beneficial reuse. As a result, Altiras Recovery is now a research and development company that is also a sort of “new business incubator” for Altiras. Pencarinha continues to lead the charge on development of new opportunities and personally evaluates all projects that have potential for Altiras Recovery capital investment.

Pencarinha screens potential investments to ensure they meet the Altiras Recovery guidelines, which states that 1) the byproduct, coproduct, or used chemical (ie. the new raw material) should be used to manufacture a commodity or specialty product, 2) there must be adequate mutual economic benefit for Altiras and the original generator or the raw material, 3) the raw material, the process making it, and the potential products must all have a sustainable future, 4) the market for the ultimate finished product must be stable, 5) Altiras’ own beneficial reuse RCRA experts must be able to identify a clear regulatory pathway, and finally, 6) Pencarinha says there must be a solid cultural fit between the Altiras and its partner(s).

Prior to investing, Todd Pencarinha and R&D Manager Mark Myers perform R&D work at the company’s newly developed research lab near its corporate headquarters in Houston Texas. Pencarinha says he seeks potentially disruptive technologies to recover materials and/or to make new products for new applications. However, Pencarinha admits that sometimes only rather ordinary methods are necessary and many opportunity exists simply because no one was previously willing to take the risk in solving the problem. Following the initial assessment and R&D work, Todd Pencarinha leads the business case development and pulls Steven Marshall in to help as necessary for strategic, legal and other financial considerations.

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