Quality Assurance with Altiras

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Altiras Recovery
Image: altiras.com

Todd Pencarinha has led the chemical and fuel beneficial reuse business Altiras in Houston, Texas, since 2010. As company president, Todd Pencarinha has developed and launched five unique business units emphasizing various aspects of the beneficial reuse industry.

Mr. Pencarinha ensures that Altiras provides an array of services when it comes to the beneficial reuse of chemical and fuel byproducts and co-products, including services involving certain off-spec, used, and surplus chemicals. With such a broad selection of services, Altiras has taken the steps necessary to ensure that all of their clients enjoy a high-quality reuse experience.

The Altiras quality assurance program makes use of a six-sigma approach, which encompasses several statistically driven processes and comprehensive product testing. The six-sigma approach involves breaking down each phase of the beneficial chemical and fuel reuse process, allowing the Altiras management team to closely examine their services and optimize their clients’ experience.

Perhaps most importantly, the Altiras management team documents all aspects of their quality assurance program, providing clients with the peace of mind that is the essence of any effective quality assurance program. More information on quality assurance can be found at the Altiras website, www.altiras.com.