Altiras Fuels’ Services for Fuel Suppliers and Buyers

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A chemical engineering professional and graduate of The Ohio State University, Todd Pencarinha oversees the operations of Altiras Holdings, LLC, which is a beneficial reuse company based in Houston, Texas. Todd Pencarinha also leads the five subsidiaries of Altiras Holdings, LLC, including Altiras Fuels, which provides a range of services to fuel suppliers and buyers.

Altiras Fuels acquires problem materials and residual fuels, often referred to as off-spec fuels or secondary fuels, from its suppliers. Such fuel products do not to meet the specifications required for primary fuels because they have been tarnished by accidental mixing or solid accumulation. These include products such as we gasoline, old or black diesel, accidentally mixed gasoline and diesel (transmix), tank residues and distillation bottoms. As a privately-owned company, Altiras Fuels provides a swift and effective service to suppliers when problems arise. For ongoing streams or for a specific cargo, Altiras provides risk assessment, due diligence, and product handling and transportation for turnkey solutions.

For buyers, Altiras Fuels offers low priced alternatives to market prices fuels. The company also offers a range of fuel-based proprietary technologies that are of interest to asphalt manufacturers and re-processors, in addition to fuel blenders.


Altiras’ Solution to Century-Old Refinery Waste

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Altiras Recovery

A chemical engineer by degree, Todd Pencarinha currently serves as president of Altiras Holdings, parent company to a family of beneficial reuse companies. The Altiras enterprise is currently comprised of 5 wholly owned subsidiary companies: Altiras Chemicals, Altiras Fuels, Altiras Industrial Services, Altiras Energy, and Altiras Recovery. One of the subsidiaries where Todd Pencarinha invests much of his time is Altiras Recovery, an R&D firm that also makes capital investments in projects to extract value from wastes. The company seeks to make use of large volumes or ongoing supplies of materials that would otherwise be industrial wastes. Altiras Recovery invests capital in plants and equipment to recover used chemicals, residuals, or chemical coproducts and byproducts.

One of Altiras Recovery’s accomplishments has been to develop beneficial reuse solutions for refinery waste that was produced from 1911 to 1946. The solid refinery waste existed in the form of concentrated asphaltenes, which when upset released trapped sulfur oxide gas. Sulfur oxide gas is a hazardous gas with an 8-hour Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) below that for hydrogen sulfide – a commonly occurring and better know hazardous refinery gas. When released, sulfur oxides produce an acidic gas requiring personnel to take protective measures. When this gas mixes with water, the reaction produces sulfuric acid and releases hydrogen gas. While the sulfuric acid is bad enough and required neutralization, the free hydrogen can cause hardened steel to quickly become brittle, resulting in significant damage to equipment. In some cases, this process caused equipment failure where the hardened steel parts cracked within 24 hours.

Altiras Recovery non only developed solutions to protect personnel and avoid equipment, but also neutralized the raw material and developed three beneficial reuse options for the treated, neutralized material. The three options included manufacture of a solid fuel, production of a liquid fuel, and creation of an Asphaltene Road Base (ARB), suitable for replacing Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP). The Altiras process involved elimination of the gas, followed by different proprietary processes to produce each of the various products. While each product had its own limitations, each also had properties superior to their market alternatives and each product required a high degree of coordination and development with the site owner and various regulatory authorities.

For more information on this project or other beneficial reuse project opportunities, please contact Todd Pencarinha via this website or via the main Altiras website at