EPA Reorganization of Hazardous Waste Generators Rules

Hazardous Waste Generators Rules pic
Hazardous Waste Generators Rules
Image; epa.gov

As president of Altiras Holdings LLC, Todd Pencarinha directs operations for the Texas company committed to beneficial reuse solutions involving industrial waste materials. Emphasizing client education, Todd Pencarinha provides a host of resources on the Altiras company website, including the recent details of reorganization of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules applicable to “generators of hazardous waste.”

Signed into law in late October 2016, the rules are described by the EPA as a “much needed” update designed to improve compliance and make regulations easier to understand. Key flexibilities included are the ability of the hazardous waste generator to circumvent being labeled a “higher generator” when episodic waste is produced. This is contingent on the episodic waste being managed in an EPA-approved way.

In addition, entities classified as very-small-quantity generators will now be allowed to send materials to a large-quantity generator that is under the same ownership or control. Another aspect of the revisions involves increasing safety factors on a number of levels. Requirements have been also consolidated such that they can be perused within a unified set of documents. For more information on these rule changes, please visit Todd Pencarinha’s company blog at www.altiras.com or visit the EPA’s website.