Altiras’ Innovative Method of Extracting Fuel Oil from Acid Tar

Refinery Asphalt or Acid Tar

As the president of Altiras Holdings, LLC, Todd Pencarinha guides a wholly owned subsidiary, Altiras Recovery, that has a mission of creating marketable materials from large volume chemical and fuel coproducts that might otherwise be wastes. In 2014, Todd Pencarinha’s firm announced the development of in-house systems and equipment for the extraction of derived fuel oil from Acid Tar streams.

Before the company could produce any products from the material, it had to resolve some major, technical operational problems. As Mr. Pencarinha described it, companies that had attempted to reuse the material over the past three decades had all failed. Specifically, Pencarinha stated that the primary reasons for the prior competitor failures had to do with a lack of understanding of the fundamental characteristics of the material. At the onset of the project, Altiras Recovery experience several major equipment failures within days of starting. Hardened steel parts were failing in as little as 2 days of use. The difference for Altiras Recovery, according to Pencarinha, was that its engineers looked closely at the way the material was originally produced, assesses the specific chemical make-up of the material, and evaluated various reaction mechanisms and pathways that could lead to the failures observed. Once the fundamental chemistry and mechanisms were understood, the solutions were evident.

A second problem Altiras had to solve was odor. Whenever handled, the material produced extremely pungent odors that could be noticed from significant distances and could also pose health concerns for employees. Again, according to Mr. Pencarinha, the solution was found by understanding the fundamental chemistry and then selecting methods and equipment to solve the problem.

The final challenge was to put high asphaltene content, solid material back into a liquid form. Altiras developed two distinct processes for producing fuel oil from the material, while neutralizing the acidity of the Acid Tar. Pencarinha indicated the processes developed for this project were directly applicable to similar Acid Tar projects elsewhere in the world.

Altiras Recovery’s success in creating innovative reuse processes was characterized as reflecting a core commitment to developing technological solutions for beneficial use and waste minimization.


Stages of Recycling Programs

Recycling Programs pic
Recycling Programs

A Texas resident, Todd Pencarinha is a business executive with decades of experience in beneficial reuse and industrial recycling solutions. His experience includes the development of the beneficial use business for Emergent Industrial Solutions and chemical business consulting, modelling and forecasting for LyondellBasell. Todd Pencarinha currently applies his expertise as the president of Altiras in Houston, Texas, where his responsibilities include the direction of business operations and the development of reuse and recycling capital projects and new business opportunities.

The recycling process has numerous benefits to the environment and to local communities. Recycling can lead to pollution reduction, energy conservation, and waste reduction. The process involves collecting and processing materials for reuse that otherwise would have been disposed of.

Designated by the international recycling icon of three cyclical arrows, recycling typically involves three stages:

1) Collection and processing. This step involves the procurement of recyclable materials, which are then processed into forms that can be reused.

2) Manufacturing. This step involves the use of recycled material to produce new products.

3) Purchase of goods composed of recycled materials. This comprises the third stage of the recycling process.

Altiras Recovery Seeks Waste Recycling Opportunities in Puerto Rico

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Altiras Recovery

As the president of Altiras Recovery, LLC, Todd Pencarinha guides a firm focused on transforming waste into marketable materials. His firm has generated a variety of new strategies for fuel and chemical recovery. Todd Pencarinha’s company recently announced its intention to seek out beneficial-use project investment opportunities throughout Puerto Rico.

The U.S. territory was singled out for capital investment for a number of strategic reasons, including Altiras’ extensive experience doing business in the local market. In addition, the firm has in-depth Resource Conservation and Recovery Act expertise that meets region-wide needs and provides a unique benefit to customers and suppliers in the area of beneficial use projects.

The firm is seeking out Puerto Rican opportunities in areas focused solely recovery, recycling, and processing. Partners must be stable and well-networked locally and have the ability to enter into long-term relationships. The specific revenue pathway must be sustainable, with the partner or supplier company profile being a cultural match Altiras Recovery’s own.